Saturday, April 14, 2012

THE Call that changed our lives forever!

I wanted to tell you about the day we found out about our daughter. I had played this out in my head of how this would all go down but once again it was not at all like I had planned it, it was even better!

Gene was suppose to work that day and at the last minute he found out he was off. A friend of mine had suggested since Gene's schedule is so crazy why didn't i go down early to see if we could get our fingerprints done early. So we were headed downtown and we were right in front of Skyline Medical when my phone rang. I looked down and saw it was our agency. It never crossed my mind that this could be "the call". I answered the phone and it was "the lady" that makes "the call" heart began to race and then I thought...calm down I am sure this is just a general call. Then she said "Stacey, is this a good time? I have a possible referral to talk to you about!"

I thought my heart would beat out of my chest (you know the way it does in church when the Holy Spirit is upon you). She said "it's a 7 month old little girl." (I began to cry...I knew it was our daughter!) Poor Gene, he was driving and said "what's wrong? what is she saying? what's going on?" She began to explain her story and the medical condition that she had. Gene and I knew that our child would have some type of medical condition beause we had filled out all of the conditions that we felt we could handle. She asked me if I would like to talk to Gene and decide if we wanted to see her file and call her back. I said, you can go ahead and send the file over...we are interested in learning more about her.

I got off the phone and told Gene all about her. We talked about her medical condition while we waited (for what seemed like forever) for her file to be emailed over to us. Thank goodness we had our ipad with us! I was crying the whole time. Gene kept asking me why I was crying. I told him I just knew it was our daughter. THEN the email came across.....OH my goodness....LOVE at first sight!!! I have heard people say that when they got their referral that they knew it was their child and others have said that it took time even after the child came home...but I can honestly say...when I saw my baby was like I already knew her! She is a doll. I wish I could post her picture all over this blog!

Gene and I did go to get our fingerprints and they did let us in early! I was so excited! I wanted to call and tell everyone. My sister even called while we were looking at her file and Gene said I could not tell her or anyone until we officially sent in letter to our agency. We went to lunch and I couldn't even eat, Gene said you are not going to be worth anything the rest of the day. He was right!

I went and picked the kids up from school. I pulled over to the side and showed them her picture. The first thing Atley wanted to know was if it was girl or not? Everyone was SO excited! We sent over the acceptance letter the next morning. I began to make all the calls!

So that was the day we found out about our baby girl! What a blessing she has been already to me and my family! Adoption is an amazing journey and a beautiful picture of God's love for us!


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  1. How much fun it is to read this about "the" call! I still remember our's a huge moment on this journey!

    Can't wait to catch up with you, dear friend!