Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Prayer of Blessing

Have you ever been taken by surprise when God shows up in the strangest places???  Today, HE showed up when and where I least expected and I feel overwhelmed by how much HE shows me that HE loves me and is always a part of what is going on in my life......

******WARNING!!!! If you are a MAN probably not a post you will care to read!********

I woke up this morning totally dreading what laid ahead......it was that dreadful time....the time for my "yearly checkup!"  You know the one that you wake up and think...I need to start early on getting ready for today because I have a lot of maintenance to do to prepare for the appointment!  I told Gene this morning that you would think as many times as I have done this, I would get use to it!  Nope, not me!  Hate it! Dread it!!!   Gene did say he would be concerned if I was looking forward to it! 

I got to my appointment.  They call me back.  I step on the scale.....(we will not talk about this part!)  My OBGYN comes in, he is a dear sweet christian man who is the age of my father and he always wants to have small talk while doing the exam.....what else are you suppose to do????  So, any way he asks the usually questions:  How are the kids?  How is Gene?  How was turning 40?  Then he always asks:  Is there anything new going on with ya'll these days?  So, I began to tell him about our adoption.
He was super excited (probably just thankful he is not dealing with another pregnancy with me!)!  I told him we were crazy starting over, but how excited we were and he assured me that there were ladies my age that were getting pregnant all the time.  He told me to get dressed and he would be back in to talk with me shortly.

Here is the really cool part.  You see my OBGYN always prays with me at the end of our appointment.  I have been going to him for over 14 years and he has always done this.  Today, he came in with my chart and showed me that on one side he has all of my info of when each of my children were born (from the first visit to birth).  He went through each one and we talked about their age and different stuff that he remembered about the pregnancy.

He then, asked me about Mailynn.  He wanted to know her name. Why we chose the name.  Her age and her special need.  As he asked me these questions, he began to put her information in the chart with her brothers and sister information.  THEN, he said....I would love to pray for Mailynn.  We bowed our heads and he prayed the most beautiful prayer that one day she would come to know Christ as her Saviour just like her brothers and sister.

What I didn't tell you is that he came into the hospital room the day we were being discharged to go home and prayed over each one of my kids!  He prayed the same beautiful prayer that each one of them would one day come to know Christ as their Savior.  Now, Mailynn Joy not only is charted in the chart with her brothers and sister but he also prayed over her just like my other 3 biological children.

I love that God cares about the "little details".  All of them!  I love that through this whole process He has showed me His hand connecting all the dots, orchestrating every part!  Showing me not only His great love for me, but also His great love for Mailynn!  Oh, how I love Him!  Oh, how He loves me!  He is faithful!  He is Awesome! 

So, I am so glad that I survived the dreaded day!  I hope I have not offended or over shared today!  I just know that when we least expect it God not only shows up but He shows OUT!



  1. LOVE THIS!! LOVE YOUR DOCTOR!!! Amazing! Does he take new patients? I have never heard of a Dr. praying.
    So excited and so agree that God is in the details...even the small ones. So excited for your family and Mai.

  2. Hi Stacey!
    My name is Sara and I think we might be in the same travel group together! One of my friends passed on your blog. Would love to connect before China, congrats on your precious daughter!